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Laws About Cremation Services

Interestingly enough, there are lots of laws in place regarding cremation. It’s completely normal to have lots of questions if you’re considering choosing cremation service in Clarksville, TN for your eventual body disposition, or for a recently deceased loved one. Some of the most common questions are about cremation law.

There are, of course, some cremation laws that vary from state to state, so you should always ask your cremation provider for more details regarding your local laws. But, some average cremation laws include:

Cremation Provider Licenses – All cremation providers and green cremation services are licensed and certified, as there are specific rules and regulations in place to protect consumers and ensure the safe handling of the deceased.

Cremation Consumer Protections – There are lots of laws protecting cremation consumers, from laws prohibiting crematories and funeral homes making false statements about body guarantees, spreading ashes or cremation merchandise purchasing. If you want more information, check with your local or state government.

Authorization – In most states the next-of-kin, or “authorizing agent,” can authorize cremation. The authorizing agent must complete, sign, and submit an authorization form before the cremation can take place.

Permits – You are required by law to have a cremation permit. Once the death certificate is completed and the cremation authorization is filed, the county will issue a cremation permit. Cremation permits cost anywhere from $10 to $40 depending on the county.

Casket Requirements – Caskets are not required by law for cremations, but most states have laws stating that a rigid container must be provided for the cremation. These containers only have to be combustible and strong enough to support a body when being placed into the cremation chamber.

Remain Handling – Laws about what you can and cannot do with cremated remain can vary greatly from state to state. However, most have similar general ideas like you cannot commingle cremated remains unless by deceased’s request, and you can only scatter cremated remains with appropriate authorization from the local authorities.

Cremation Costs – Crematories are obligated to provide clear and concise descriptions of all services included each cremation price, as people who gave recently suffered a loss might be more susceptible to bad business practices. Cremations range in cost depending on the service and merchandise.

Body Transportation from State to State – If the body is transported over a period of 24 hours or more after the death, embalming may be required. There are airline funeral shipping businesses that also have specific regulations and rules such as the purchase and use of a designated aircraft mortuary-shipping container.

Cremation Viewing – Families viewing the cremation is not regulated by law, and therefore varies from crematory to crematory. Confirm with your chosen provider as it’s not guaranteed.

cremation service in Clarksville, TN

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