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How to Support Someone After a Military Service

If someone you know and love recently lost a loved one who served in the military, you probably want to help them however you can. After all, losing a loved one and going through their military service at a funeral home in Clarksville, TN is never easy. 

Use these 10 simple ways to express sympathy to inspire your actions:  

  1. Provide Condolences – Even saying something as simple as, “My condolences” or “I’m sorry for your loss” can go a long way towards helping someone feel supported and not as alone in their grief.  
  2. Join the Service – Attending the funeral or memorial service will show the bereaved that you care enough to take time of out of your busy schedule to show up for them. If you can’t make it, be sure to send a card, note, or at least make a phone call to express your sadness at missing the event.  
  3. Offer Help – When helping, be specific. The bereaved won’t take you up on a general “let me know how I can help.” But they will most likely accept specific help. For example, offer to watch the kids, mow the lawn, or bring by groceries.  
  4. Send a Sympathy Gift – If you can’t be there in person to support the bereaved, try sending gifts like practical items or memorial keepsakes.  
  5. Pray – While not everyone believes in a higher power, knowing that someone cares enough to pray for you always feels good. 
  6. Gift Flowers – While sending flowers after a funeral or memorial might feel stereotypical, its tradition for a reason. Flowers are a lovely, simple way to show the bereaved you care and are thinking of them in their time of loss.  
  7. Cook a Meal – Simple, easy, and straightforward, bringing a meal helps meet the bereaved’s physical and emotional needs. Cook something comforting like soup, casserole, or pasta, or try something the deceased loved.  
  8. Acknowledge the Loss – You might go back to life as usual after the funeral, but the bereaved won’t. Remember, your friend will still mourn long after the funeral is over. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge the loss and talk about the deceased. Ask how they’re doing, share a memory of their loved one with them, let them know you miss him or her, too. This will mean a lot. 
  9. Just Be Present – Oftentimes, the best thing you can do for a grieving person is to just befuneral home in Clarksville, TN with them. Sit with them at home, bring by coffee or baked goods, call, text, or simply listen to them talk. Don’t try to fix the grief or offer advice. Instead, listen, acknowledge, and be there for them however they need. Your presence alone can be a genuine comfort during this difficult time. 
  10. Offer Understanding – Grief can feel impossible, leading some people to seek company, others to find alone time, and yet others to lash out. Be patient and understanding with the bereaved and don’t be offended.  

These are just a few of the many ways you can help someone going through the loss of a military service member. Pay us a visit or give us a call today for more information on grieving or Clarksville, TN funeral homes.